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Thermal Solutions offers Custom COMMERCIAL preventative MAINTENANCE plans That allow you to keep up with your heater’s and air conditioner’s needs at a more affordable price.

THERMAL Solutions is committed to serving the customers who’ve built relationships with us through our PREVENTATIVE maintenance agreements, and – above all – that means priority service.

Make sure to ask about are custom maintenance plan we offer at thermal solutions .

Commercial buildings are unique compared to smaller residential spaces. Commercial structures have numerous interconnected systems that must all work together in order for an entire commercial building to run smoothly. When it comes to air conditioning and heating systems in the commercial arena, each unique variable must be accounted for along the line. Hiring an experienced commercial HVAC specialist can make quite a bit of difference in how efficiently your commercial heating and cooling system runs, and how many years it works at its peak performance capability. It can help you focus on growing your business rather than worrying about your commercial HVAC system.



Thermal Solutions Heating and Air offers top-quality heating repair, installation, and maintenance service by our expert HVAC technicians. Heating equipment and systems are complex and require routine maintenance annually to ensure performance, safety, and reliable operation. Our knowledgeable team ensure that your system is working with optimized performance and the life is extended.



Routine air conditioner maintenance is an important factor in preventing unanticipated issues and ensuring the most efficient operation possible. A quarterly inspection can avoid high cost repairs, high energy bills, and potential breakdowns during the summer season. 


Heating and cooling maintenance and repairs are inevitable in commercial and industrial buildings due to extensive usage. Commercial service requires advanced expertise in the complex systems and equipment. Avoid excessive service costs with a individualized maintenance contract to ensure your heating and air conditioning system is running at peak efficiency year round.

Thermal Solutions Heating and Air offers quality maintenance and repair for HVAC units for Commercial/Industrial buildings to ensure air conditioning systems are running at top efficiency, reducing operating costs, ensuring a long-lasting unit and preventing breakdowns.




Trane systems are designed to provide optimal efficiency and comfort. Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure peak performance. These service check-ins can reveal leaks, rust or wear and tear. Check in with Thermal Solutions Heating and Air your Grand Island local Trane dealer on a regular basis to get your system ready for the upcoming season.

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