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Thermal Solutions offers Custom preventative MAINTENANCE plans That allow you to keep up with your heater’s and air conditioner’s needs at a more affordable price.

THERMAL Solutions is committed to serving the customers who’ve built relationships with us through our PREVENTATIVE maintenance agreements, and – above all – that means priority service.

Make sure to ask about are custom maintenance plan we offer at thermal solutions .

Your heating and cooling system is a vital part of your home comfort. Yet it is often taken for granted. Routine maintenance is a key component in keeping your equipment at its peak efficiency while helping to ensure continued operational safety. Thermal Solutions Heating and Air are committed to providing you with top of the line service and 100% satisfaction. Please feel free to contact our office today if you would like more information



Part of preventive maintenance for your cooling system is calling for air conditioning repair service as soon as you notice a problem. When you Thermal Solutions Heating and Air in Grand Island, we’ll send one of our qualified technicians to your home or office to resolve the issue, which may help prevent further damage or a break down. If your air conditioner has broken down, we will send someone over as soon as we can.

Thermal Solutions Heating and Air also provides routine maintenance and check–ups in which our technicians will check for any warning signs, make needed repairs, and test the efficiency levels to ensure that you are not losing money with an inefficient system. Plus, with our maintenance plan, you will receive 24/7 emergency repair services


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